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Using hypnosis as a tool in weight management can help you initiate a variety of changes at this deeper, subconscious level. Create a healthier mindset with Penny’s help. Take control of your bad habits!


To reinforce your continuing success, you will receive a recording of your hypnotism session to keep you on track. Improve upon your habits in a safe, natural way. Live a healthier, more vibrant life!

Curb your appetite and make healthier choices with the support of Penny’s hypnotic techniques.


Your two hour appointment  includes a private planning session where you will discuss at length: your goals, your past downfalls, and all of your bad eating habits, with a revised focus on the areas where you tend to go wrong. Penny realizes you know what it is you are supposed to be doing to lose weight, the problem is getting yourself to DO these things! This is where her decades of work as a master hypnotist can assist you in making many of the sensible changes you want to improve upon.  


Together, with Penny, you'll brainstorm before any hypnotism takes place about a new plan for success that will help you stay focused in your current lifestyle. Re-learn to eat the way you wish you ate!


The charge for the Weight Control program is $399, which includes the 2 hour session, a follow-up if you feel you are still struggling with any of the eating habits within the first 60 days, as well as the CD or email download of your personal hypnosis session.

Weight loss success begins with one session

Stay focused during and after your visit

  • Control portions

  • Curb your appetite

  • Cut down or eliminate snacking/grazing

  • Feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food  

  • Boost water intake

  • Release unhealthy cravings

  • Create a desire for healthier foods

  • Reduce cravings for sweets and/or sodas

  • Make more sensible choices

  • Stop eating so fast

  • Reduce stress and stress eating  

  • Feel better about yourself with added confidence

Once you experience the positive effects hypnosis has on your ability to change some bad eating habits and help you lose weight, perhaps there are other areas in your life that you want to take control of such as stopping smoking or cutting out other bad habits, or help in reducing everyday stress.


Take time to learn all of the hypnosis services that Penny offers.

Hypnosis Works!

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Penny Hanson Hypnosis

You've told yourself you aren’t going to eat anything more after dinner, but you catch yourself reaching for a snack. You hear the voice in your head saying, “I’m not even hungry...”, but you can’t seem to stop yourself from eating?


This is an example of one of your bad habits running on autopilot. Being hypnotized can help you make the changes you want to make at this deeper, subconscious level.


Take control of your bad habits with hypnosis! Let Penny’s 26 years of experience help you get to the root of the issue and start eating the way you wish you ate!

How can hypnosis help me?

How many sessions will I need?

Penny will include all of your bad eating habits in the hypnosis portion, and many clients are excited to notice multiple positive changes in their eating after this experience. Your session will be recorded for you, and this is a wonderful tool to help keep you focused on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


If you feel you are still struggling with your eating habits in any way, please let Penny know via email within 60 days for a complimentary follow up visit at no additional charge to assist you with one or more of the eating habits you may want or need additional help with.


Additional appointments are often not necessary or required, but can enhance you in a variety of ways. We can work through a session where we’ll focus specifically on just one or two bad eating habits, or for those with longer term weight-loss needs, some like to return to keep things fresh and new (in terms of having new personal meditations to listen to).


If in the future you are interested in returning for additional sessions on this goal, the price will drop to $199 for your session and will of course, include a copy for you on CD or wav file.


Exercise Motivations is a popular add-on session for those who’ve had difficulty exercising in the past. You may add-on a 90 minute Exercise Motivations session for just $150 within the first 60 days of your Weight Control appointment.

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