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Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body, causing illness, anxiety and disease. Hypnotism greatly assists in lowering stress levels and will relax your body within moments, as you release tension naturally and recover inner peace. Take off the edge and brighten your day to day outlook as you revive your innate happiness with this wonderfully relaxing hypnosis session designed around YOU.


If you’ve noticed the stress in your life is beginning to interfere with your performance at work or interactions with loved ones, reduce stress levels and experience the soothing feeling of inner peace with just one powerful and relaxing session. Re-learn to handle even the most difficult problems and situations with a renewed sense of confidence and inner strength.


This perception adjusting 2 hour session will help you greatly improve the way you view 1-3 areas of stress or worry in your life.


If you are ready to free your mind from doubt, fear, worry, over-thinking, self-sabotage, or stress, contact Penny Hanson to help you learn to manage virtually any challenge for the better! Free follow up if needed within 60 days on full priced sessions.

Feel comfortable in your own skin

There are no limits to a worry-free existence

  • Learn how to stop feelings of stress, overwhelm and worry instantly

  • Improve your state of mind

  • Rest easier and increase energy levels

  • Learn to find your inner peace, even in worst case situations

  • Lessen impatience, irritability, sadness and anger

  • Lessen your risk for heart disease or stroke

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Promote a healthier immune system

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Make stress a thing of

the past

Once you experience the positive effects hypnosis has on your ability to release stress naturally, perhaps there are other areas in your life that you want to take control of such as creating better eating habits or help in stopping smoking or other unwanted behaviors.


Take time to learn all of the hypnosis services that Penny offers.  


Call to schedule your FREE consultation today and begin to feel the weight of constant stress lifting from your shoulders.

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