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Hypnosis: The Ultimate Mind/Body Connection

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How does hypnosis work?  Check out this You Tube video of Penny explaining it during a seminar.



What is hypnosis?

Unlike the Hollywood version, hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation. In this state, the critical factor of your mind (the "I can't" part of you) is temporarily set aside, allowing positive results after one visit.


Can anyone be hypnotized?

The state of hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that most people have experienced several times a day! Daydreaming is a form of hypnosis, as is the state of being focused on a great book or movie. Also, the state right before sleep is hypnosis. Have you ever zoned out on a long ride, and before you knew it, you were at your destination? They call this, “Highway Hypnosis.” Someone who does not wish to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized.


How many sessions will I need?

More often than not, hypnosis is fast, and you may need only one session to make impressive goals which is why so many people find hypnosis an amazing tool for self-help! Approximately 90% of the smokers I've worked with need just one visit to stop smoking. Most people struggling to sleep often need just one session. The majority of clients have made phenomenal changes after just one session! But don't worry, I always include a followup at no additional charge if someone is still struggling at all within the first 60 days after working with me. (Sorry, discounted rates or special offers do not included the complimentary follow up session.)


What does hypnosis feel like?

The majority of clients do not fall asleep and are aware of what is going on. You will, however, feel more relaxed than ever before. A feeling of peace, serenity, and well-being accompany this relaxation. You could also compare the feeling of a hypnosis session with the wonderfully relaxed state you are in while enjoying a soothing massage or the peacefulness of a deep meditation.


Will I remember what is said and done after I come out of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not an unconscious state so you will be aware of what is being said and done, which will be based on our discussion of what you are hoping to achieve. If you have no memory of certain parts of your session, it is because you were drifting and dreaming in your own pleasant thoughts, which is why I always includes a copy of your session for you on CD or as an email download as a special reminder of your experience and a great reinforcement to help you achieve your goal.


Am I giving up any control during hypnosis?

No. You will be in such complete control during the entire session that if anything is done or said that you disagree with, or that you feel is in bad taste, you can simply open your eyes, and leave the room. No one can control your mind.


Does Penny work with children?

I do! Children are wonderfully suggestable!


How long does a session last?

Sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Sessions for children are much shorter, depending on the age.


How much does it cost to get hypnotized and what does it include?

The cost is $399 and your 2 hour session includes our private planning and brainstorming meeting to discuss your goal, followed immediately by the wonderfully relaxing hypnosis portion of your session. You’ll receive a copy of your personal meditation on CD to take home with you (or an email download) and this fee also includes a complimentary follow up at no additional charge if you feel you need additional help within the first 60 days of your visit. Hypnosis on the yacht at Ko'Olina Marina is $499. Sessions for children are much shorter, depending on age, and the fee for a child 12 and under is $299 and will include the complimentary follow up if needed within 2 months.


What if I’m still having difficulty?

Some people do need or want additional help, which is why I include a free followup for the first two months for anyone who feels they are still struggling with their goal in any way. In this followup, we will schedule a time to talk about any areas where you may still be having difficulty achieving your goal. I’ll create a new  hypnotic meditation for you, utilizing a different approach and/or  techniques to help you work past whatever is stopping you from achieving the outcome you desire. I will then email you a download of your followup to help you get on the right track for your long term goals. Please note, special rates and discounted prices do not include the complimentary followup. If you are interested in continuing to work on your goal in a different way, another follow up or a live session may be purchased for $199 (half price).  *Prices subject to change.


If I want to work on a different goal or challenge, will I have to pay $399 again?

No. Returning clients have the option to pay just $199 for a one time session or followup with me at any time. I really appreciate your support! Thank you for checking in when you come! People are typically so interested in talking about hypnosis!


I really appreciate your support! Thank you for checking in when you come! People are typically so interested in talking about hypnosis!





Hypnosis is widely used and accepted today. Every willing person can be hypnotized and retains full awareness and control over his speech and behavior.


Modern hypnotism offers something very beneficial for everyone.


If I didn't answer your question, please email me at penhanson@hotmail.com.


Make an amazing day!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

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