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Corporate and Private Seminars Available


Penny works with medical, corporate and wellness professionals along the East Coast and in Hawaii, presenting a combination of motivational and hypnotic techniques to create compelling self-improvement seminars and private workshops to benefit the community with help for these everyday challenges. Call Penny today to arrange your 2 hour corporate or private group seminar. Groups of 12 or less can be held at a beautiful jungle retreat in Kahuna Valley in Kapaa or at an oceanfront estate in Anahola on the island of Kauai or on a 55 foot yacht at the Ko'Olina Marina in Ko'Olina on the island of Oahu. Group sessions at any location in Hawaii or on the mainland can be held at your location or at a Hilton for an additional fee.

(484) 682-5020 E-mail: penhanson@hotmail.com.


Seminars and workshops are listed below and are also available as private sessions.


Seminars last between 90 minutes and 2 hours and will be divided into two portions:

The introductory segment includes a fun, forward thinking presentation by Penny on your topic of choice, with inspirational tips and insights shared to help motivate participants to make these important changes in an exciting, innovative way. There will be time for questions, and a bathroom break, followed by the ultra-relaxing hypnotism segment of the seminar. Your group will spend 30 minutes enjoying profound relaxation, while reviewing the goal in a powerful way.


Hypnotism is safe and has been accepted by the American Medical Association as a tool in modern medicine since 1958.  It has been effective in delivering positive outcomes, often in as little as one session.


There is a 10 person minimum on group sessions at your location. Penny does travel nationwide for group seminars. Please call for pricing and additional information.

Health and Wellness Seminars and Workshops

Smoking Cessation - 2 hours

Getting hypnotized will help you stop thinking about cigarettes!        

This fun, resourceful seminar can assist your employees or your group to stop smoking once and for all! Smoking is the number 1 cause of preventable death worldwide, but most smokers can’t stop on their own! Become a nonsmoker with no withdrawals and no cravings by using hypnosis to quit the habit in an enjoyable, effective way.


Healthy Eating and Weight Management - 2 hours

This refreshing seminar is designed to help participants crave better foods and improve a variety of bad eating habits with hypnosis! Make healthier choices and reduce overall food intake without feeling deprived. Re-train your brain to look at food in a different way, as you become a more mindful eater in a natural, safe and transformational manner.


Stress Reduction - 90 minutes - 2 hours

Relax the lines on your forehead and lessen your stress levels with this ultra-calming session. Penny can help you take off the edge and renew balance and harmony into your life in this wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating seminar.

This transformational seminar can benefit anyone interested in learning how to stay calm, confident and effective in even the most challenging moments. Revive health, happiness and productivity while brightening your day to day outlook to restore a harmonious work/life balance.

In the Zone-Dynamic Confidence - 90 minutes - 2 hours

Learn how to reduce insecurities in a natural way as you increase your confidence and communication abilities and become more dynamic in both personal and professional relationships.

Public Speaking - 90 minutes - 2 hours

The #1 Fear of Americans is Fear of Public Speaking! Conquer your fear and harness your confidence with hypnosis! Whether you’re looking for improvement with your memory, confidence, communication skills or a fear of public speaking, Penny can assist you with controlling your stress levels, memory and movement, and can help you get in the zone so you can better execute the amazing performance you imagine yourself delivering.

Public-Speaking Stress Free Confidence

Workshops  Available


Include hypnosis at your event or function, with fun workshops available for groups of 10+.

Patience and Stress Reduction for the Busy Mommy

Are unwanted feelings of overwhelm and stress hindering you from living the peaceful, happy family life you imagined? Stop taking it out on the ones you love the most, and enjoy an amazing relaxation that will help keep you calm, peaceful and more in control, even when the kids are at their worst.

Woman watching the sunset

Cook Fresh and Eat Healthier

Teach your body to desire more nourishing foods that are essential for better health. Being hypnotized can help your body crave the rainbow of nutrients you need and enjoy cooking with a focus on incorporating more vegetables, fruits and salads into your life. Includes a section to help you move past the sweets with a focus on healthier eating in general.


Exercise Motivations

Hypnosis can help you stop making excuses and learn to make your exercise time a more enjoyable priority. This exercise motivations program is not only relaxing, but invigorating as you get yourself on track with your exercise goals.



Are you always putting things off that are important for you? Learn to take charge and take action with this motivating yet super relaxing hypnosis session designed to get things done sooner, than later. Get the knack of negotiating your personal time with yourself more wisely.

Up the ladder

Adventure Wellness in Ko'Olina, Hawaii

You’re an Adventure Away from Being a NONSMOKER

Stop smoking on this gorgeous yacht. Float peacefully on this private 55' boat, as you forget about cigarettes once and for all. Let Penny's 26 years of experience help you re-learn how to enjoy life without smoking!  

Scheduling now for 2019.

Business Confidence and Focus

Looking to improve your companies sales, motivation, performance, or time management skills? Have Penny host a seminar for your group or brainstorm with her privately to create a something customized to your needs to assist your employees in staying focused on one to three of your companies most important business objectives.

Business woman

Performance Improvement

Whether your group is looking for improvement with athletic proficiency and skills, public speaking dynamics, theatrical talents or other communication or testing skills, Penny can assist you with stress, confidence, memory and movement and help your organization get in the zone so you can better execute the amazing performance you imagine your group delivering.


Easing Through Divorce or Break-Up

Separation from someone you love is tough and can go on for many months or years. Learn how to quickly and effectively move past hurt, rejection and other damaging thoughts and refocus on living the best life you can. Discover how to feel good being independent, even if for the 1st time in your life! This workshop is designed for those having difficulty getting past a relationship or moving forward after a divorce or break up.


Eliminating Unwanted  Fears & Worries

Are unwanted fears or worries hindering you from living the life you desire? Leave fear in the past and allow Penny to aid you in dissolving your worries in a safe, relaxing way. Fear of driving, flying, heights or bridges, and many more can be improved quickly and comfortably for you in a private session, or for a group with a common fear.

Rock Climbing Island Boat

Other Popular Sessions

Taking Tests WithOUT Stress

Reduce your worries about test taking and trust your subconscious remembers everything it needs to remember. Use hypnosis to help your study group stop blanking out on tests as you utilize your memory with calm sensibility.

Stress-Free 4 Happy Ladies 16230672_258020537961755_7943286076850831360_n kh boat kh oceanfront

Adventure Wellness in KAUAI, HAWAII

You're an Adventure Away from Being a NonSmoker

Stop smoking at this private estate in beautiful Anahola with the sounds of the ocean lulling you into a gentle hypnotic rest or perhaps you'd prefer to stop smoking at a private and peaceful jungle retreat in Kapa'a.  


Can be done privately, or with your group. Estates can be rented if you'd like to create an amazing vacation here. Details upon request. penhanson@hotmail.com.