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The second part of the session involves the hypnosis portion. In my office, I'll have the client lie back on the couch, close their eyes, and then they listen to me talk some more. There's no touching, no questions asked, nothing more is needed than you closing your eyes, listening, and relaxing (which I'll guide you through with my words).


With a phone session, once I have all of the information I need, you and I will hang up, and I will record your session for you  just the way I would if I were doing it with you in my office. I will include beautiful music, sound effects and my words- which will be based on your input to me in our phone call- will hypnotize you in a very soothing and safe way. I'll record your session and email it to you. It takes me about an hour to record and send. You can lie back and listen to it right then and there in the comfort of your own home, or before you go to bed and start your goals fresh the next day.


If you've never been hypnotized, there's no chance of getting stuck in hypnosis and absolutely no negative effects whatsoever. It feels amazing and has been proven effective in as little as one session! I have had great success with the long distance sessions and zero complaints.  


My rates are $399 in the office, $199 for one long distance session. Also, as a "returning client", future sessions would be $199, including an office visit.


I can work with you from any location at any time for half price! Phone sessions are $199. Here's how it works:


Many years ago, I  started doing long distance sessions, typically so I could work with people from across the country who had a relative that I'd helped and they wanted to get hypnotized as well, but were too far from one of my offices.  Here are some differences and details between a session in my office and a phone session:


In my office, I start off spending about an hour talking with you about your situation.  I'll have easy questions for you and we'll talk until I have everything I need to understand how to help you best. I'll also explain hypnosis, how it works, and everything you need to know to be successful with your goal.


When I work with people from afar, I will ask them all of the questions I need to know and teach them everything they need to understand over the phone. It's basically the same thing, except we are not speaking face to face in the same room. The conversation is the same and we will both get all of the information we need talking freely over the phone. (Messenger video can also be an option upon request if you want to chat more face to face.)